My name is Edvin and I enjoy all things product management, suffering during long CrossFit workouts and creating things online.

What I do for work

I am a product leader at Fortnox , making products that help businesses become more successful. To get a bit more specific I work a lot with strategy, business design and helping our organization navigate the market. Are you interested in talking about products, business or tech? Get in touch !

I write things (sometimes)

During 2022 I want to write more, both for myself and others. I am not sure what I will write about, but so far I've written about making my first app, using exit intent popups for a good purpose and The Product Kata – a framework for solving the right problems.

Side projects

Spending the work hours talking and thinking about products, but not actually creating them my self, I sometimes have the need to create things my self. Here's some of the things I've done recently.